Finding Your 'Life' with Those Magical Numbers

By Jeanne Adwani

Hello and welcome, 

I hope the winter and this hard chill finds you warm and contemplative. I find winter has a way of drawing me into the quiet, fulfilling a deep need to find ways to be creative and keeping the hearth of me stoked and burning. How about you?

It’s my birthday today, my solar return. You won’t read this for a few days, and by then, I’ll have found my way to embrace this new year of mine. The years sweep by so much more quickly with age. That’s the part I seek to embrace. My enthusiasm for life and creative pursuits feed my youthful nature, and the body casts doubts to that. In other words, what I see in the mirror and feel in my joints and bones conflicts with my enthusiastic wonder about life. I do have a little mini rant about it that I will not bore you with.

Since it is my birthday and I can make it all about me, I am taking a look at my numbers for this day and year, to share with you. I hope that they will give you insight into your own ‘life calling,’ which rests in the day you were born. I haven’t spoken much about my view of the number system and its relationship to tarot. To do that would be a minimum of a 10-week class, and as much as I would love to teach you all of that right this minute, it’s not going to happen. 

But… I can give you a little mini lesson in how to find your ‘life number’ and your ‘year number.’ 

It’s really simple.

Take the number of the month you were born in. For me, it’s January — month #1 — and add the day you were born (#14, for me), plus the year (1948). Then lay them out like this:

My numbers are 19/10/1. In numerology, only the single digit is used. With the tarot and the depth of its imagery and stories, I like to consider anything that leads to the single digit, in particular considering the Major Arcana: from ‘0,’ The Fool, through ’21,’ The Universe. 

To get to my single digit, I have to first know ’19,’ The Sun; ’10,’ The Wheel of Fortune; and ‘1,’The Magician. Not all of you will have three numbers; most of you will have two numbers. That is just how the math happens in this lay out.

As I engage with this system of tarot and numerology that I learn through Mary Kay Greer and her book Tarot Constellations, I find my way to a deeper understanding of my soul’s journey in this life.

As The Sun (19), The Wheel of Fortune (10), and The Magician (1), I have been invited in this life to know how I shine; how I live a life of radiance and Light. Also, the Sun is a huge force, massive, and takes up lots of space in our galaxy. Thus, I am reminded by the Sun to be mindful of how much space I take up and how bright I can be when others might need to have their own light shining. Can I be radiant and full of light in a way that allows others to shine too?

With the Wheel of Fortune, I am invited to remember that what comes up goes down and back around. Nothing stays the same. I can stand in the center of the wheel of my life, I can hold on for dear life on those revolving edges, or push at the edges of life to find myself. Where will I stand?

The Magician’s invitation is to know myself through the magic and Spirit held in the elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. How do they support each other or find conflict and hopeful resolution. How will I weld those elements in life for the Highest Good?

Since this is my solar return, I want to consider my year ahead via this same method.

The Hierophant asks of this sunny, magical woman that understands the wheel of her life: How might I engage in the resourcefulness of my spiritual life, my journey, my choices, what I profess to be? How might I resource and deepen my way?

So, why not add your birthday together and see what you get? True, you may feel that you know little of either the numbers or the tarot cards, but it’s about what you see/feel/notice/think when you look to those cards that invite you to this life. Look to the positive journey of it. Remember that those difficult even scary cards invite you into some glorious wonder of living that waits for you to notice and feel.  

Feel free to comment here and ask me some questions. I love to know how this process works for you and what you might like to know about your numbers.

Thanks for visiting. 


Jeanne Adwani is an Ann Arbor businesswoman who owns Be Hair Now, a hair salon right in the heart of Ann Arbor. She's an artist/poet, a creativity coach, and a Metaphysical enthusiast. This is one post in her ongoing segment for the Crazy Wisdom Journal blog.

Posted on January 14, 2015 and filed under Metaphysical.