Through the Retrograde and Beyond

By Jeanne Adwani

 Whew, we made it through Mercury retrograde. How’d that go for you?  It was at first a very inner chatty, fumbling time for me, and then I went on a writer’s retreat in the middle of it.   (; please feel free to visit this wonderful website.)

That shifted the energy a lot. Being and breathing in the northern air on the part of Lake Michigan that becomes Green Bay, with nature and my ‘writer’s tribe,’ was a bounty of emotions, and some of it got spilled on to paper.

I’m back now and pulling some cards for this month's invitation. 

What needs stirring into your pot of life? 2 of Swords

What needs to be cleared away?  7 of Wands

What moves you creatively and calls for your attention? Death

What might stir the pot . . .  from The Crowley deck:

2 of Swords

Peaceful thoughts, a truce between you and your battle of heart and mind. And maybe, it might serve that brewing, creative pot of yours to invite another’s creative input that supports your journey. Talk it out, find your center, and listen in the quiet exchange of heart and mind, or another friendly voice, to what inspires this month’s possibilities. What needs to be listened to and heard?

How can you ease the conflict of heart and mind?

Whose counsel do you admire that might support you right now?

What needs clearing away…

7 of Wands

retrograde 7 of wands.jpg

There are times when it is important to receive the accolade of a job well done. Stand up and receive.  Though it looks bold and very self-proclaiming, this fiery wand speaks to what gives passion to life and inspires the best outcome.  It doesn't necessarily mean you introverts have to take over the whole room with your bright shining light. It does invite us to be acknowledged, to receive, and to share in whatever way is comfortable. 

Can you allow the goodness and greatness of where you are in life, and what you've done be seen’? 

How can you clear away inhibitions and let yourself shine?

Can you be deserving and accepting how fabulous you are? Can you receive the passion you want and deserve?

What is moving creatively and calls for attention…


Death asks for something to be let go of and be transformed.  Another clearing away so there is spaciousness for creation to have fluidity and possibilities.  Birth > Life  >  Death  > Birth and on.

What calls to be attended to creatively with the Death card is, an opportunity let go, grieve the loss of that, and make room in life for a birthing/rebirthing of a new way. Maybe it’s a new approach; time to get rid of old stuff; let go of what nags and protest your highest good. Like the snake that sheds the old skin for a new and fresh one; what do you need to shed and let go of?

What wants to be transformed that you keep holding on to?

Can you let go of what does not serve your highest good?

What awaits your creative energy to be expressed?

I find all these cards speak to me of clearing away, burning away, letting go of what doesn't embrace a loving creative life.  What is that for you?


Clearly stand centered

Creativity be seen

Make the way for life

Jeanne Adwani is an Ann Arbor businesswoman who owns Be Hair Now, a hair salon right in the heart of Ann Arbor. She's an artist/poet, a creativity coach, and a Metaphysical enthusiast. This is one post in her ongoing segment for the Crazy Wisdom Journal blog, about Tarot, Numerology, and other metaphysical modalities. Read more about it here.  

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