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Squirrels: Beyond the Cute

Squirrels. They're everywhere. They're so common that you kind of block them out after a while. Then one day you're driving along minding your own business, and suddenly one of the furry hoodlums sprints across the road right in front of your car. It's almost like he was actually waiting for your car so he could give you a heart attack as you desperately try to avoid squashing him without causing an accident! What was that little maniac thinking, anyway?

Prepare to be amazed.

The Slugs of Summer


By Peggy River Singer

I've always enjoyed slugs and snails for their energy and cheerful nature, and their cute little faces. I've even kept them as "pets". They've never caused any problems in any of my gardens, until I planted marigolds here at my lakeside apartment for the first time.

Did you know that slugs REALLY LOVE marigolds?

Each plant was stripped, from the ground up, so they all ended up looking like tiny little topiary trees. I would have thought such a spicy-smelling plant would be immune to slime-trailing snackers, but that's not so.

Worried about my beloved marigolds, I asked to speak with a representative of the slugs in my garden. It was unproductive: I got a flat NOPE when I asked about a truce or a compromise. (I'm sure it would have helped if I had waited until night to connect, instead of trying to negotiate during the day when the slugs were sleeping!)

Meanwhile, my Sage plant was also getting chewed on, and I asked it what I could do to help. To my surprise, the answer was: "Nothing. We can handle this."

That evening, Sage had more to say when it connected with me during Dreamtime:

            "I do not mind a nibble here or a nibble there. Sometimes the slugs come to us for healing substances we can provide. Only the weak and sick plants are harmed by slug dining.

            "Yes, marigolds are medicinal for the slugs. There is so much poison used here [insecticides] and it makes the slugs sick. The marigold essence helps them.

            "Yes, they do LIKE the taste of marigolds; that is part of the scenario. They are not mindless; they have awareness of the consequences of their actions. As in, if they eat every bit of a plant it might not grow anymore and they must seek elsewhere.

            "Their mind processes are quite basic/simple and they live in the day, the Now. Focused on their little bit of the big world. Big matters are not part of their awareness. They experience bliss, joy, fear, affection in a limited way. They would tell you that life is good, until it is not, then it becomes good once again. What else is there? What else would they possibly need?"

Well, Sage gave me a lot to think about, and as a result I've let go of trying to "fix" this situation. I'll continue to send loving Reiki energy to everyone involved.

At this point, you might be expecting me to share advice about how to cope with slug damage on YOUR plants. Nope. You'll find plenty of ideas online. You'll also find lots of fine articles about the spiritual aspects of slugs, and what we can learn from them.

The rest, I leave up to you!


Peggy River Singer is a heart-centered animal communicator, medium, faerie ally, Reiki practitioner, and lifelong writer. She combines her gift for communications with her psychic abilities to help create harmonious relationships among all who share the Earth. Connect by phone at 734-548-0194; and by email at She shares her experiences and insights on her blog,

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It's Not Easy To Be a Tick!

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