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Traditional Naturopathy — What Is It, Really?

Traditional Naturopathy has been around in our country since the 1800s, as a drugless system of healthcare and medicine. A Traditional Naturopath — an ND —  is dedicated to utilizing nature's healing powers in a healthcare system to help others. The practice is distinguished by six well-established principles that underlie and determine education and practice protocols:

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Waiting for Spring

By Julie Jeffery Peale 

As we head into our third straight month of record-low temperatures and snowfall, I find myself torn between my love of the stillness and beauty of winter, and my yearning for the warmth and new growth of spring. I gravitate to soups, herbal teas, cozy blankets, and slippers to take the chill out of my body, and bundle up in warm coats, scarves, and hats to brave the elements.