May Daze . . . Beltane

By Jeanne Adwani

Spring has sprung with the renewal of life. The seeds we plant will come to fruition in the summer and fall. Are they seeds of love and inspiration; are they seeds of work and prosperity, maybe a seed of possibility, a seed for forgiveness, a few for joy? It is a time to celebrate the re-birthing and return from winter’s long dark sleep and ponder what it is you will plant. What will you nurture? 

Also, it is time to give back to the earth what it is that you no longer wish to nurture and let grow. What is not serving the life you live? What might you let go of? Remembering you don’t have to do it all at once. How about a little baby step in that letting go of what might be difficult to surrender.

As I pondered the dance around the May pole, with the ribbons that hold the writings of what I wish to grow and come to life and those things that I wish to give back to the Earth for regeneration, I pulled these cards for us as we give welcome to Sun and Spring.

The Queen of Wands:

She who is what we bring with us from this deep hibernation of the land that is of us as we warm up, turn on, and shine our light, and prepare to dance in the meadow. She reminds us that we can nurture our creative gifts with passion and spiritual wonder. That whatever seeds we plant have all the joy and opportunity to grow, flourish, and blossom; to bear fruit as we move from season to season. 

The Fool:

He/She invites the innocence and wonder of this renewal, this re-birthing; entering into this season of new life with a curiosity that hasn't an agenda. Maybe even a little of that Johnny Appleseed mentality that plants those apple seeds everywhere to share and see how they flourish. This fool is more about the desire to see what might happen if . .. . The foolishness of this fool is more about Being and risking each moment as if it is the only moment that will ever be, unencumbered by stuff and things that restrict the journey. She is trusting of her instincts allowing exactly what needs to happen, happen. There is no worry whether the seeds will grow and give fruit, because the exact perfect experience will unfold for the Highest Good.

The 5 of Swords:

This air card asks us to consider if, as things are going right now, whether the path we walk and embrace is the one to continue breathing life into. The 5 of Swords needs to consider self-responsibility, and how our thoughts lead us to what we do and how we impact the world around us. Are we taking, bullying, over powering other peoples creative ideas for our self-reward? Or, is it necessary to simply lay our swords down and walk away from what no long serves us? What needs to be shifted, cut back, and cleared away? How can you get out of the box of your mental chatter?  How can you calm your busy mind to get focused and clear so that you don’t let others take over your power, leaving you feeling worn down and depressed?  When is it time to just walk away and own your-self?


Spring is here, let these cards inspire and stir the pot of you life.  Please feel free to respond and share your own insights on these cards.  I would love to have a dialogue with all of you. 

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Jeanne Adwani is an Ann Arbor businesswoman who owns Be Hair Now, a hair salon right in the heart of Ann Arbor. She's an artist/poet, a creativity coach, and a Metaphysical enthusiast. This is her third post in her ongoing segment for the Crazy Wisdom Journal blog, about Tarot, Numerology, and other metaphysical modalities. Read more about it here.  

Posted on May 7, 2014 and filed under Metaphysical.