Hello and a Big Welcome.

By Jeanne Adwani

Let’s take a big inhale… and let that all out. Again. Aaaahh.

This is the first of my regular blog posts; I’m excited. Thanks for your visit and support.

This first entry will give you some of my feelings and thoughts about what I imagine this blog to be. And what it might be for you, as you follow and engage with it. Though I have a poet’s heart and a storyteller’s ramble, I won’t be making this ramble again in the same way.

I will reference this first blog to newcomers so ya’ll get an opportunity to know how the Spirit moves in and through me. I will be adding things in as time unfolds: like books to read and Tarot cards to buy from Crazy Wisdom Bookstore; ways to lay out the cards for your own readings; information on numerology and elements; classes that might interest you, and so on. I am interested in what inspires you and what you might like to discuss here and feel comfortable discussing in this parameter. I would love to hear your feedback, questions, and comments.

My intention is to invite the wisdom of Tarot cards, their elemental nature, their numbers, and stories into an inspirational experience that calls up your wisdom and awareness. Let’s stir up the pot of creative possibilities! Let’s be reminded of what we hold most sacred in our daily lives: love, joy, family, friends, sensorial experiences, peace, well-being, more love, more joy.

Let’s consider: how we might re-story the stories we’ve lived with for years, months, last week, even minutes ago. Maybe that story came to us at a very young age, imposed from what the family thought we would be, or should be, or might be in their perception of the world as they imagined it. Maybe more of that story of yours came as the years unfolded and you realized that there is something not working with this story you’ve found yourself steeped in. Like all good storytellers, we make up what we don’t know, what we imagine something to be, what change we desire, what seems right from our perspective at the time. We are busy, busy, busy making up, creating, imagining our lives, our journey, our relationships with others, and ourselves, in to Being. Certainly, within those stories of ours are great wonders and fabulous opportunities, sorrows and loss — a plethora of nuance that makes life vital and rich with more stories.

I believe we live in “story time,” all the time. That’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned. Life is a grand and glorious story, and we get to tell it as we live it and imagine it to be. When our stories feel good, we feel a little high, a little giddy, with a bounce to our step and slip of smile. When our stories twist within us into a negative thought or feeling, we feel quite the opposite, falling in to our gloom and fear.

When our stories twist within us into a negative thought or feeling, we feel quite the opposite, falling in to our gloom and fear.

What if… you can imagine a new story, make one up that feels more honest for you, more life enhancing, and begin to live that? Risk those uncomfortable fearful moments as you shift your paradigm, changing the negative story to one that feels more positive. What if you allow a sense of spaciousness that allows for a restoring of yourself back to who you feel is your best and highest self? What If?

What gets to happen here is that possibility:  A weekly invitation, a story from the cards, from the elements, from a Goddess, from some other Oracle yet to be defined — for your consideration, for your inspiration, for whatever stirs you up and sets you free to be the most beautiful story yet to be told. I mean, why not? It does not sound as corny as you might think, that you are the grandest story yet to be told. And if it does, take a moment here to laugh at all that, and then realize I’m serious. I believe in you. When you believe it, you will see it. Gray gloom does not mean there isn’t a sunny blue day thriving in your interior landscape.

What if… you can imagine a new story, make one up that feels more honest for you, more life enhancing, and begin to live that? 

Make yourself comfortable. Settle into your space. Take a few deep breaths with me. Aaah, let’s do that again. Nothing like the grounding of focused breathing to bring you into this moment. Maybe close your eyes and take a minute of silence to feel your Center, the quiet flame of your heart awakening and allowing in a new awareness. And as that awareness rises and expands, allow in the message that your wisdom, your inner guide, wishes to share with you for your highest and greatest good. There is no negative, no fault, no less than. For in this perfect moment, right Now, these three questions and cards that I am about to draw can be a steady flow of inspiration for this week, inviting you into more magic…

From the Rider Waite Smith deck…

What sacred path best serves this week?


There is a call to life from the sacred. There is an awakening, a stirring of the inner flame from the dark tomb of unawareness to hear again the call of renewal. Innocence and vulnerability rises to this celestial call to be held accountable in this rebirthing for another opportunity to experience the highest good.  

In this coming week there is the opportunity to listen deeply to the call of whatever Spirit, God, Source, Goddess has to share with is you. A time for a new sense of awareness, and the innocence of being present in The Light of some great wisdom calling you to listen without judgment. To simply be present and holding your heart open to receive. 

What work or action will best serve the movement of this Pathway?


The energy of fire and inspiration lights the path of these eight crossing the sky, making way to the earth, each with choices to be made. The work and action to do here is to trust what inspires you, as you understand the cause and effect of your choices. There are choices to be made and consequences to go along with those choices. Eight is the number of Divine Order, money and wealth, the resolution of opposites, and the experience of Karma. What might come from out of no where that needs your attention could be exactly what you need to take action on. 

What attitude might be the most helpful for the experience of peace and joy on this week’s path?

Queen of Pentacles/Earth:

She who nurtures the body and Mother Earth. She who nurtures what you do, and how you do it. This Queen reminds you that being attuned to the Earth, feeling the support of family and home, stabilizing what might not feel stable, holds you closest to the nature of living and the seasons of your soul. Peace and joy come from doing what you do with grace, love, and gratitude as you notice what abundance you do have, as opposed to what you think you don’t have. Taking your time to ‘smell the roses,’ taking your time with what needs your attention as you say a prayer of gratitude for being able to live within the diversity of all the season of your life. 

This week’s Haiku:

Celestial call

Inspires the Fire light

Earth wisdom nurtures


Jeanne Adwani is an Ann Arbor businesswoman who owns Be Hair Now, a hair salon right in the heart of Ann Arbor. She's an artist/poet, a creativity coach, and a Metaphysical enthusiast. This is the first post in her ongoing segment for the Crazy Wisdom Journal blog, about Tarot, Numerology, and other metaphysical modalities. Read more about it here.  

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