An Invitation from the Month of Harvest

By Jeanne Adwani 

Welcome September. 


This year, for me, flies by. How about you? Here we are, already at the month when Autumn begins her journey of colour and spice. I can smell it coming in the wind and feel the slow shift of how the energy begins to bring what needs bringing into the last fruition for our gathering. The harvest presents her bounty. We get to consider how to store it, and use it for the cold months ahead that give no green and no fruit.  How do you gather and store what you need?

For this month, I sat and thought about all that and pulled five cards to represent each week of this month. The invitation for the wisdom from the cards was what each week might give for our consideration.

I am posting the first two weeks and will post the other weeks soon…

Thanks for your visit and I look forward to your comments, questions, and feedback.

For this first week I pulled the 4 of swords. 

Amidst the green and blooms with 3 swords hanging from the trees, rests a Knight upon what might be a sarcophagus. She is pale, like the coffin that shows a sword on the side of it, the Knight’s hands at rest, crossed at the heart; paying quiet attention to the heart’s voice.

Tho’ it might seem this Knight is dead, all grey and pale, for me, this is a time of contemplation; a rest after a long war.  Maybe a battle of the minds, or some inner resistance to an old way of thinking that might need re-thinking, re-story-ing; maybe now is a time to rest and listen to what the heart has to say rather than to busy faction of the mind that demand rightness. 

Remembering that this war may not be literal. 

Some questions to consider for this week:

How might you give your mind a rest from the crowd of busy thoughts that take you away from your Peace?

What is it that you think you have to defend your honor for?

What are the three specific things that seem to hang above your ‘gut’ that need to be let go of?

What is it that you feel you need to ‘shield’ your solar plexus from that might ‘cut to deep’?

Can you take time to be contemplative and gather your positive energy before you have to make completion with what’s going on for you now?

Week 2…

The 10 of swords welcomes this week with a little high drama that might pull you in to situations that are not necessary to make your own; maybe a little of feeling and thinking what holds you victim to the world around you. 

All those Swords buried in the back, running the line of the ‘Chakra.’ It’s a dark night above a golden sky, mountains in the background and a very blue lake. It may feel like the ‘Dark night of the soul’ only there is a golden glow of goodness that rests on the horizon.  Blue shimmering mountains to remind you of higher thoughts and possibilities, and a beautiful reflective lake to wash away what doesn't serve your life.

She wears the red cloak of passion that falls over her lower chakra. The rest of what she wears blends in with the Earth. Blood spilled, and the ‘victim’ clearly looks like death has taken him.

The symbolism of this card, for me, invites me to consider how I have allowed all others to bury their bad behavior and unkindness around and within me. Six of those swords are buried into my passionate feelings and thoughts, as well as what makes me safe in the world. 

Swords represents the mind, what needs clarity and clarification, communications, the Air we breathe, that which we might cut away that binds our passions and holds us hostage to a negative un-safe world.

All those busy voices outside and soon to follow by the chronic inner chatter of cruel critiques, that can take you down and bury you into despair, lack of worthiness and being a victim. It’s hard to see the world as a loving and kind place to live when we feel unsafe...

Overwhelmed and unclear of what to do, the feelings/thoughts are to give up. Something within the ‘Self’ needs to die off, let go, ignore the negativity of others that holds you victim to a negative world, so that you can make room for more clarity and a deeper understand of what needs to be attended to once you’re over this. Own what are your negative thoughts; heal them and get out of the way of others' bad behavior.

The thing with the number 10 is that it leads to the number ‘1,’ which is the number of the Self, and the Magician. The self has gone too far with it’s over-the-top opinions and harsh criticism that now leave you feeling depressed and horrible; The magic of each moment is overwhelmed by letting in more than you can handle this week, and it might be wise to remember last week's need to relax and replenish.

Let’s call upon our inner wisdom to shift this mental disarray and clear the air with positive, self-loving thoughts. Ease out of what holds you a victim to your work, your family, your perception of the world. Find forgiveness and love.

For this second week here are some questions to consider.  So to not make this overwhelming, pick one that resonates for you and ponder it. There is no need to ‘have to’ anything:

  • What is it that brings you to so much duress and unworthiness?
  • What holds you to letting what others say become something that is your issue, your problem?
  • How might you step away from letting other’s negative thinking overwhelm you?
  • How might you ease your own mental jabber from negative thoughts to more positive, optimistic ones?
  • What little way, a small step, might you take to invite more joy and pleasure into your life?
  • What is in your magical toolbox that can loving support you through what might feel like an overwhelming week?
  • Do you wish to continue to share your life with people whose lack of clarity and negative words are damaging?
  • What are you grateful for?
  • For this week, might you consider writing down one thing that makes you feel grateful?

Jeanne Adwani is an Ann Arbor businesswoman who owns Be Hair Now, a hair salon right in the heart of Ann Arbor. She's an artist/poet, a creativity coach, and a Metaphysical enthusiast. This is one post in her ongoing segment for the Crazy Wisdom Journal blog, about Tarot, Numerology, and other metaphysical modalities. 

Posted on September 4, 2014 .