The "Sweetness" of Valentine's Day

By Roshani Adhikary 


Athletes work their whole lives to realize their one dream of winning gold. They often see their hard work wither away as a competitor skates right past them, only to win by a fraction of a second. Nothing has taught me the value of a millisecond more than the Winter Olympics in Sochi. This seemingly innocuous blip in time can make or break an entire career. It’s no wonder that in the larger scheme of things, a much longer period of time — say, a decade — can alter things beyond one’s wildest dreams.

Ten years ago, at age 21, if Valentine’s Day was approaching I would spend days shopping for the perfect date outfit, research the best restaurants, and have every minute accounted for. This year, a yoga student of mine asked what my plans for Valentine’s Day were, and I had to chuckle to myself: I had actually forgotten it was right around the corner!

Nearly three years into my blissful marriage, pregnant for the first time, and in the throes of my first trimester, the most romantic occurrences these days are far less glamorous than they were in my early twenties. My partner pulling back my hair as I puke violently into the toilet is about as good as it gets. Something about being able to cuddle together under piles and piles of duvets, seated in front of a laptop watching a House of Cards marathon is now a million times more appealing than strapping on stilettos in the freezing cold.

My entire notion of romance and expectations have changed so drastically. Instead of chocolates and roses once a year, I now have a partner for life who heats up my car and scrapes off the ice before I leave the house. Now that, is sweet!


Roshani Adhikary is a certified yoga instructor and a freelance writer. Find her on Facebook:

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Posted on February 14, 2014 and filed under Yoga, Valentine's Day, Guest Blogger.