A Conversation With The God Of Love

By Peggy River Singer

 River: Years ago, I wrote an article about the God of Love: "Cupid is much more than a charming decoration on a box of chocolates: he is as vibrantly alive today as he has been for thousands of years. His sacred calling is to touch the hearts of mortals to help keep humanity full of love, and IN LOVE with life itself."

That's all still true, but today I'm writing an article WITH Cupid, and with a fresh approach! Hello, Cupid, thank you for agreeing to tell us about the real person behind the myths.

Cupid: It's my great pleasure, especially to have this opportunity to speak for myself. I do like what you wrote there, it's quite good. What would you like to know?


River: What was it like, to grow up as a young god?

Cupid: Like any youngster, young godlings do not have much awareness of their greater selves. So I was a typical brash boy-child, climbing trees to steal fruit, and tossing pebbles at unsuspecting shepherds with my friends.

 River: Did you have any human friends?

Cupid: Yes, a few. Many were scared to associate with a godling, you see; they didn't know what to expect, or their parents forbade it out of fear. (In all fairness, we ourselves did not always understand our developing powers.) Others were very open and accepting, and became friends.

River: How old were you when you understood your task of spreading love?

Cupid: When I was about six, I began to feel my inborn passion to help others; and started my training. But it was only when I neared my fourteenth birthday that I began to really appreciate the significance and scope of what my life would be about. It was part of my maturing process, you see.

Meanwhile, life itself taught me about the different aspects of love, so I was pretty well prepared before I began my mission at the age of manhood, eighteen years. What a party THAT was!

River: Will you share with us your very first official accomplishment?

Cupid: Gladly! A shepherd lad, name of Jacob. He was deeply in love with one of the village leader's daughters, but she was meant for another.

River: What made you decide to help these two in particular?

Cupid: Ah, now here we get into who, and what, I am. My instincts drew me to them. My access to what humans call The Big Picture allowed me to see an array of possibilities for their future. I focused on the possibility that I felt would best suit them, and made it happen. I'm happy to say that they and their children had very good lives, in spite of what the world had expected for them. That's how it's done.

River: Your legend describes how you and your wife Psyche found each other and eventually married. Does Psyche share your work, or help with it?

Cupid: Not really, she has her own interests and concerns. She particularly likes to help human children thrive; she directs quite a few schools and temples that are dedicated to this work.

River: May I ask how many children you have?

Cupid: Several, all in good health and finding their own way in the world.

River: How do you feel about being so closely connected with our St. Valentine's Day holiday?

Cupid: Oh, it's great! Very positive, brings people together, encourages expressions of affection. The erotes usually take care of that holiday for me, since I have a very full schedule.

River: How do you pronounce this word? It will be unfamiliar to many of our readers.

Cupid: [Demonstrates] Say, "air-rotes."


River: Thank you. I've read that they are your assistants, and that they are what we might call your Mini-Me creations.

Cupid: [Laughing] Oh, that's a good one! Mini-Me! I like it! Well, they are miniature duplicates. I have no idea how many of them there are, they are in constant production since they do fade away after working a long time, and the human population does keep growing.

River: So you must be in constant contact with all of them, directing them?

Cupid: You can think of it that way, yes. It's kind of a background function, so I can do all that while going about my daily life.

River: In our art, you are usually shown with a bow and arrow. Is it a physical bow and arrow, or a metaphor, or what?

Cupid: Hmmm... I would call it a visual representation of an energetic impulse. The people of the classical age understood bows and arrows, you see, so that's where that imagery came from.

River: Can you actually fly? You are often shown with wings.

Cupid: Similar answer. I do not have physical wings, but I am capable of traveling about as I please.

River: Do you work with any non-humans?

Cupid: I do get requests from not-humans, and I'm always glad to oblige. It helps maintain harmony among all beings.

River: As a god, do you ever take a day off?

Cupid: Oh, certainly, of course! I have an enormous family, and we love to get together for a good feast. You just can't beat freshly roasted lamb with sea salt and rosemary—I feel hungry just thinking about it! And our Divine Wine automatically goes with whatever the meal is made up of. Fabulous!

River: Is there anything else you'd like to tell our readers today?

Cupid: Yes. I'm aware of all the conflicting ideas about love among humans. What I'd like to say is very simple: be yourself, and allow others to be themselves. Love is so precious, so sacred. That's all.

River: Thank you SO much for this conversation, I really appreciate it!

Cupid: You're quite welcome.


Peggy River Singer is a heart-centered animal communicator, medium and channel, faerie ally and Reiki practitioner who combines her gift for communications with her psychic abilities to help create harmonious relationships among all who share this world. She can be reached by phone at 734-548-0194; and by email at newbluecanoe@aol.com. She shares her experiences and insights on her blog, angelsfairiesandlife.wordpress.com

Posted on February 11, 2019 .