Good Vibrations

by Hattie Peraino


I took my first steps on a spiritual path with the Universal Great Brotherhood. I remember my revered teacher, the Elder Brother, giving a talk during one of his visits to Ann Arbor. He looked around the room at all of our shining faces and said “Everything vibrates. I’m vibrating, you’re vibrating and, pointing to the table where his water glass was perched, even this table is vibrating. Can you see it? Can you sense it?”

At the time, I thought, “Okay, that’s a stretch for my brain but you’re the Guru, so it must be true.” That concept stayed with me, tucked away in my mind for several decades until I was ready to truly, viscerally understand the power behind that simple statement.  

When I first started energy work, I attended classes, listened with purpose and hoped that one day, in addition to talking about energy, I would actually be able to feel energy. It was my own version of “Fake It ‘til You Make It” and, secretly, I hoped that there were a few others in the room who were in the same boat!

As I did my daily meditation and chakra connection, I began to ask my guides very politely to help me feel my energy field. I would move my right hand to the space at the side of my body, trying to sense something different, something ethereal. After a few days of doing this energy ‘experiment’, I felt a prickly sensation, like the zinging zap you feel when putting an electric cord into a socket the wrong way… an aha moment to be sure but I still needed confirmation from another healer to validate my experience.

After this initial moment of awareness, I began to do energy work on others…family members and friends at first. How kind they were to let me practice on them. How kind they were to give me positive feedback. Then, more training, more clients, more awareness, and more vibrations.

Once I made a commitment to ‘do the work’, the opportunity to learn and grow accelerated. I was offering treatments to a variety of people with a variety of issues. Back pain, migraines, stress, Plantar Fasciitis … the techniques to help others to balance and heal themselves were revealed in the next book, the next class, or the next conversation with an experienced healer.

Along the way, I found that each client has their own story to tell.

Lydia worked in an emotionally toxic environment where her co-workers continually berate the clients who come through the doors. She is exhausted when the day is done and can’t seem to change her mental outlook.

Jake was a 10-year-old with verbal and physical tics and many neuro-sensitivities. He had difficulty finding success at school and on the playground. The medicines prescribed for him did not help him to sleep through the night or control his symptoms.

Brett was a veteran with PTSD and had difficulty adjusting to daily life after experiencing the traumas of the battlefield. His energy swings were debilitating.

Penny, undergoing chemotherapy, was fatigued and unable to rebuild her strength. She wanted to heal but didn’t feel she could do it on her own.

This is where energy work plays an important role in the healing process. An energy healer senses the flow of the client’s energy and, like a straw, channels higher vibratory energy into the client’s biofield to help balance and improve their health. A trained energy worker knows how to clear out congestion and gently ‘reprogram’ the energy in order to encourage the body, mind, and spirit to return to optimal health. No matter what the issue, client and practitioner work together as a team for the best possible outcomes.

Energy can be pulsing, weak, erratic, smooth, dull, prickly, or vibrant. It flows through the body in much the same way that electricity flows through a house. Block electrical energy and you will have a dark room. Block energy in the body and you will have disease or imbalance.

As the Elder Brother said so many years ago, “All things vibrate.” Now I know the truth of that statement.

It’s not a mistake that we’re called Lightworkers… we’re electricians for the body and soul, sharing good vibrations with each client, encouraging their light to shine brightly.

Hattie has been a teacher for most of her life, first teaching elementary students how to read and write, and then teaching grownups yoga, meditation and astrology. She has been practicing energy work for several years and includes a variety of healing techniques in her treatments, always with the intention of helping others to reach an optimal state of health and balance. And, yes, Hattie has changed the names of clients to protect their privacy! She offers treatment sessions at The Healing Touch Center in Farmington Hills. You can connect with her at

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