the shadows that chase you in the night are merely cast from the glow of the light.
they can’t hurt you. they’re not to be feared.
they’re the places we tuck
ourselves into when we’re not quite ready to be known.
to be seen.
to be heard.

the shadows that chase you in the night are not actually chasing you.
they’re connected to you.
they are you.
sit down, next to the shadow. ask for it to open.
and revel at what’s revealed.
it won’t all be comfortable, and it won’t necessarily be easy.
but it’ll be worth it.

because the shadows that chase you in the night hold treasures. they’re the little and big and giant suitcases we store our unwanted parts, our tender parts, our soft hearts and weary, passionate souls.
the shadows are often guarded.
they say, ‘turn away. it’s too scary here.’
the guardian will do whatever it takes to protect.
but befriend the guardian to gain entry into the darkness.
because in the darkness is where you will find yourself.
all of you.

Sarah Love is a licensed professional counselor currently in private practice. She works primarily with women in need of support, guidance, and compassion as they navigate life's transitions, both internal and external. Sarah is an avid reader and is drawn to the mystery of the world. Humor, creativity, poetry, and play are key elements in her work in this world, personally and professionally. To learn more about her practice and read more of her writing, please visit

Posted on October 19, 2017 and filed under Poetry.