June, June, June

By Jeanne Adwani

What does your ‘inner sky’ look/feel like?

What great imaginings can Infinity inspire in you?

The New Moon is passing out of our reach, and the night sky has a crescent sliver of light as the Moon returns to Her fullness. Spring has at last brought the full-on of green to the trees, rain feeds the coming hungry seeds, and some days already feel like summer heat, though summer hasn't officially arrived.

I am reminded of what it is that I might like to slowly bring back into the light of my life as my cycles and patterns fill my inner sky. I imagine what flourishes and ‘greens’, blooms and colors, in and around me as the season takes her hold of my senses. 

To begin this month of June, I invite you to imagine your ‘inner sky’, and your feelings of ‘greening’.  You might be thinking, What does she mean by that?  I think of my ‘inner sky’ as a vast infinite place within me that is kind of like outer space; of planet and stars, and super nova, of Milky Ways, and galaxies — all places that my imagination can creatively go and extract stories and possibilities. I have great Awe for how I imagine Infinity and how I am a part of it.  
What does your ‘inner sky’ look/feel like? What great imaginings can Infinity inspire in you?

My feeling of ‘greening’ is what flourishes and gives life and joy to me. It’s how I color my world and imagine how I might let my creativity have an opportunity to come to fruition; to bloom and fill my senses.   

What is it for you that will to come to fruition from the seeds you planted long ago or only yesterday? Is it a seed of creativity? Is it seed of change?  

As the season of you unfolds and the cycles of you ebb and flow, knowing the shadows and the light of you, what will you shine your light on and make all green and bright?

When I thought of you, these are the cards that came to life and wanted to call you to your own wisdom.  Let them open a page of your story from Infinity's possibilities. Maybe they will shine a light on what might be lurking in the shadows. Maybe they will invite your wisdom for a walk in the forest of your own discovery. Maybe not a darn thing will happen in this moment. Whatever does or doesn't happen, know that you have all the answers you need when you allow them to be heard.  Listen deep.

Settle in ... take a breath and blow it out, allow for some spaciousness in this moment. Expand all your senses. Keep breathing in case you stopped. Allow the deep wisdom of your heart and soul to rise up and give you all you need for your Highest Good.  

The Lovers remind us to honor our vulnerability with whom we share our hearts. Being vulnerable is not a place of pain or fear; it is a place where the heart celebrates the pleasures and joys of loving. If in your wisdom, this place scares you, or the fear of it holds you back, ask your wisdom what you might need to know right now that can release you of what holds love and relationships at bay. How might you better love yourself so that you can invite love into your life?

The King of Swords offers insight into clarifying and cutting away what doesn't serve the greater whole. He’s got his mind set on how the kingdom’s gonna roll. This King rules with vast intelligence and the ability to ascertain situations with an uncanny speed and accuracy.  
He is not at all fearful of deliberately severing anything that does not make for clear and decisive action. Having the Lovers at his side can be a reminder of finding a more gentle and loving way to clear away what doesn't serve. How might you clear away what has not served your life for way too long? Can you remember that there is not a perfect time to say what needs to be said? All time is as perfect as the next time. The best way to be clear comes from a loving heart willing to be vulnerable.

The 10 of Wands, reminds you that you do NOT have to carry the burden of everything, everywhere, all the time. There is no reason to martyr up and raise your hand to your sweaty little brow, and say,  “Don’t worry about me I’m just fine. I can do it. No, really I can.”

In relationships, there is room for each one of us to take responsibility for our own business.  
It’s important to not take on what isn't ours to take. Whether it’s for the want of being loved, or seen, or noticed, or for whatever reason we want to take on more than is ours to take, the burden will not get you what you want. Why deny others to expand to their Highest Self by taking on their ‘stuff.’ Let them deal with it.

When you take on more than is yours to take, do you feel better? Do you get what you want?
What does your heart’s voice tell you?

In summary:
Love is your greatest ally. How you allow for your vulnerability, is to discover. If the harshness of the mind seeks to cut away and clear out loves wonder, maybe somebody needs a big hug — before you grab a hold of more than you can handle and take away someone else's opportunity to be accountable and responsible for their own journey.


Vulnerable Love
Take authority of your mind
Give your burden away

Jeanne Adwani is an Ann Arbor businesswoman who owns Be Hair Now, a hair salon right in the heart of Ann Arbor. She's an artist/poet, a creativity coach, and a Metaphysical enthusiast. This is one post in her ongoing segment for the Crazy Wisdom Journal blog, about Tarot, Numerology, and other metaphysical modalities. Read more about it here.  

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