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Fresh Air for a Fresh Start

By Melissa Sargent

We've packed up the holiday decorations, our house guests have all gone home, and we are ready to take on our new year’s resolutions. A little power cleaning and a few sprays of a fresh scent might seem like a great way to start anew. But before you pull out the disinfectant or plug in the pine mountain scent, think about what may be sealed up inside the house with you and your family.


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The Healing Power of the Right Relationship: How Elizabeth Shadigian, M.D., and WomanSafeHealth Are Raising the Standards for Women's Health Care

By Rachel Pastiva | Photos by Rachel Pastiva, Miriam Holzman & Karina Oganyan


I've known for a long time that I'm disillusioned by our medical establishment. What I didn't realize until recently was just how much. Like many people, I suffer from chronic health issues that traditional doctors don't seem to have the time to address, nor the interest in doing so. I thought I was taking my health into my own hands by seeking alternative health care practitioners, but found the same pressed-for-time, distant attitude that ultimately left me financially and emotionally destitute. 

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An Interview With Julie Peale of Body Balance and Hellerwork and Structural Medicine

Interview by Bill Zirinsky | Photos by Tobi Hollander

Julie Peale, age 38, owns Body Balance of Ann Arbor, LLC, where she practices a combination of Hellerwork and structural medicine in one-on-one sessions with clients. Initially on a path to become a physical therapist, Julie attained a degree in biology from Central Michigan University, but her desire to help people on a more holistic level pushed her to explore other therapy modalities. Julie lives in Ypsilanti Township with her husband, five-year-old daughter, and two-year-old son.

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