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Treat Your Pet! Clean Eats For Our Four-Pawed Friends from the Brown Basset Bakery for Dogs

 With more and more people identifying their dogs as not just a pet, but a very important part of their family, it’s no surprise that the demand for increased quality in dog food and dog treat options has risen. This thought process led me and my team at The Brown Basset, a local bakery for dogs based out of Chelsea, to start digging into our recipe books to create the best dog treats possible using simple,

clean, organic, and all-natural ingredients with no preservatives. Your pups will flip

for these scrumptious treats, and our menu of approximately 20 different cookies,

muffins, and cakes fall into this “clean” category.

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Christmas for Duffy

Many people are unaware that there are natural healing options for pets that are similar to methods used for humans. I am often asked how pets respond to these natural healing methods. “Do dogs really sit still for acupuncture?” “How do you get them to do their exercises for rehabilitation?” “Do you actually see any response to herbal therapy in pets?” “How do you do massage on a painful pet?”

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Zooooooooooooooooooom. Zoooooooooooooooooooo-ooooooom ~ Chase Me Now! Taming the Crazy that is Puppyhood

In the World of Dog, evening crazies are actually a thing, particularly in puppies. “International Puppy Zoomie Time” often occurs between 7:00-9:00 p.m., on a nightly basis, immediately before your new youngster crashes for the evening. You hope. Or, it may not be until the early hours of the morning.

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In the Company of Cats — Ann Arbor’s First Cat Café Lets Visitors Enjoy Feline Companionship and Cat-centered Activities

The sun is just peeking over the horizon, burning off the last tendrils of early morning fog, as instructor Lisa Norgren begins teaching her yoga class. The studio is dim; a soothing fountain trickles gently in the back of the room. Students stand in front of their mats, talking softly. The room eventually becomes quiet. The cats awaken, stretch and start to roam.

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Questions for Kathy Squiers, owner of Sylvan Run Sanctuary

By Julianne Popovec | Photos by Susie Ayer

Q. Kathy, can you tell us about Sylvan Run Sanctuary?

A. Sylvan Run Sanctuary (SRS) is a gorgeous place, peaceful and inviting — a perfect place to share special celebrations and ceremonies, either in solitude or in community. Located in rural countryside, surrounded by acres of nature preserves, Sylvan Run Sanctuary is halfway between Ann Arbor and Jackson, 16 miles to each city, and only 4 minutes from historic Chelsea. 

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