Treat Your Pet! Clean Eats For Our Four-Pawed Friends from the Brown Basset Bakery for Dogs

by Staci Tripolsky

With more and more people identifying their dogs as not just a pet, but a very important part of their family, it’s no surprise that the demand for increased quality in dog food and dog treat options has risen. This thought process led me and my team at The Brown Basset, a local bakery for dogs based out of Chelsea, to start digging into our recipe books to create the best dog treats possible using simple, clean, organic, and all-natural ingredients with no preservatives. Your pups will flip for these scrumptious treats, and our menu of approximately 20 different cookies, muffins, and cakes fall into this “clean” category. 

Ready to try baking one of our best “clean” treats? We’ve got you covered with a recipe you’ll love just as much as your pooch. It’s our Breathmint Stars cookie (and its gluten-free). Yes, minty fresh breath is just a dog treat away! Trust us, you’ll be thankful you made this one for your furry friend. 


Of course, when you boast a focus on the integrity of ingredients, you’re bound to get questions about ingredients. So let’s look at the top three that we receive regularly. 

Question 1: “They sound so healthy. Can humans eat these too?
While the treats created at The Brown Basset are made with quality human-grade ingredients, they are not for human consumption. In fact, they are missing the one key ingredient that we as humans love… sugar! So, you’re not likely to find these as appealing as your furry family member.

Question 2: “What’s that chocolate- looking stuff all over the treats? Isn’t chocolate bad for dogs?”

Chocolate is bad for dogs, however Carob (an all-natural derivative) is not, and is a great dog- friendly substitute. Without the harmful caffeine and theobromine found in chocolate, dogs can enjoy the same flavorful sweetness that chocolate brings without the added risks. Some veterinary professionals would even offer the opinion that Carob brings dogs some great health benefits due to the amount of Vitamin B1, B2 and Vitamin A found in Carob. 

Question 3: “How long do “clean” dog treats last?”

With no preservatives in any of our dog treats (besides all-natural preservatives found in raw honey), the shelf life on dog treats found in The Brown Basset recipe book is roughly two weeks when refrigerated but can last up to three months if placed in the freezer. This, of course, varies based on the ingredients found in the treat.

Even the most finicky eaters can be found drooling over the fragrant smells coming from your kitchen when you take the extra time to hand craft their “clean” treats. 

The Brown Basset has recently decided to go mobile! Starting mid-summer, you can find the Brown Basset at local farmers markets, distilleries, and maybe even along your town’s Main Street. Check out their Facebook page @thebrownbasset for more furry family recipes and for their summer locations.

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