Book Review: Spring is the perfect time for Liver Rescue by Anthony William

A book review by Catherine Carlson

“As within so without” is a universal law. What’s going on outside of us is often times identical to what’s going on inside of us. Reflections are everywhere. So it makes perfect sense that, in this time of overflowing landfills and homes bursting with too much stuff, our own internal trash receptacles, that is to say, our livers, are being inundated with an abundance of waste.

In his latest book Liver Rescue (Hay House 2018), author Anthony William, also known as “The Medical Medium,” explains that our livers are crying out for help. Most of us think that our liver’s only action is processing alcohol, but this amazing organ performs more than 2,000 functions—some as yet undiscovered by medical science—in order to keep our bodies healthy. Our diets and lifestyles have hit the liver hard and this champion organ could use a little help from us. William, who gets his information largely from Spirit, shares his approach.

I was surprised to learn that, according to William, nearly every popular diet from paleo to vegan contains certain foods which can aversely impact the liver if consumed too often. Another revelation is the fact that the liver’s health is intimately related to that of the heart. Heart disease is a leading killer. According to William, heart stressors represent another pathway of stress on the liver. 

William wants readers to know the declining health of our livers is not our fault. Even babies today are born with livers functioning at only 70%. Food is a part of it but food is only the tip of the iceberg. He gives us “The Troublemaker List,” a lengthy twenty pages of text outlining environmental and chemical toxins, in addition to problematic foods, that our liver is being bombarded with. He lists everything from fragrances and plastics to fuel exhaust and impure rainfall. Yes, all of these filter down into the spongy liver. Of course we can only control so much of these external factors, but it is a red flag that our livers are working overtime. We have an opportunity to give the liver a hand with the tools in this book.

The solutions are plenty. There is the simplest, try eating more apples (they made the cover after all), and the more intense “3-6-9” program, a nine-day liver cleanse. He also provides supplement and dosage recommendations for many common health concerns such as diabetes, hormone issues, eczema, and high blood pressure, to name a few. By following the protocols outlined in the book, you may rid the liver of some toxins in as little as 90 days.

I tried the nine-day liver cleanse myself, and the results were nearly immediate—my mood and sleep improved and I experienced a lot more energy! In a short amount of time I was able to notice how my eating habits, including foods I am eating or not eating, and at what time of day, could be contributing to some of my own health issues. 

Our beleaguered livers have taken a beating. Decades ago they had much less to contend with. Fast-forward to today and it’s no wonder chronic ailments and mystery illness seem to be cropping up everywhere. If, like so many of us, you have been spinning your wheels when it comes to improving your health, the textbook-thick Liver Rescue has arrived at an optimal time. William brings this overlooked five-star organ into the foreground, showing us what we can do to lighten the liver’s load so that it can do its job—taking care of you. According to Chinese Medicine, spring is the season when our liver qi starts to rise up and out, making now the ideal time for self-care.

Liver Rescue is available at the Crazy Wisdom bookstore. Catherine Carlson grew up in Ann Arbor and returned in 2014 to raise her family after many years living on both coasts. Her professional interests include aura-soma, astrology, and writing. 

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