Spiraling Up!


By Beth Barbeau

Do you have areas of your life where you feel ‘stuck,’ even though you’ve tried many ways to make changes? What lasting upgrade would you like to make in your health, finances, or relationships?

Beneath every problem are beliefs, feelings, and often-traumatic responses with which we resonate unconsciously. When we resonate with what is positive, we spiral up; we’re able to access opportunities for change in a creative and self-empowered way. We feel confident in our capacity to handle what life brings us with clear thinking and an open heart. Basically, our system is energized by these positive beliefs and feelings.

However, much of the pain and limitation that we experience in the present is created when our system instead is in sync with old, life-depleting beliefs instead of positive beliefs. These outdated patterns are linked with highly charged feelings, and easily re-triggered even in completely unrelated circumstances. Essentially, our system is stuck being energized by these depleting beliefs and feelings, and de-energized by the positive ones! For example, resonating with “I never get what I want in life!” instead of resonating with “Life flows and my needs are easily met.”

There is an extraordinary approach that simply, swiftly, and literally changes our resonance. While we can’t change our past, we can, even in a single session, change its frequency within us. This profoundly shifts our experience of the world, and our ability to live an empowered life.

This healing system is called Resonance Repatterning, and at its foundation is that all matter is vibrating with energy. This includes our entire body, right down to individual cells and atoms, as well as our thoughts, feelings, and spoken words. This vibration generates a frequency, which is unique to each activity or emotion, and is a largely unconscious phenomenon that determines what sort of life experiences we have. When the optimal frequency pulsation is lost, we may find ourselves unconsciously resonating with poor health, unhappy relationships, or limitation in any sphere of our lives. The ancient principles of repatterning have been taught for thousands of years and are now being validated through scientific research in quantum physics.

Chloe Faith Wordsworth, an acupuncturist, developed the process that identifies and shifts blocked energy in the body-mind system. She worked with heroin addicts who were continually self-sabotaging and re-abusing, even when all the physical and emotional support elements were in place, and knew there had to be a way to identify and heal the true underlying issues. Chloe is a passionate student of natural health, and her extensive knowledge of meridians, sound frequencies, holograms, psychology, physics, and more, provided the background to synthesize this new and dynamic system of energy work.

Resonance Repatterning unites all of these insights into a system that allows us to easily identify and transform the exact life-depleting beliefs, feelings, and unconscious patterns that underlie problems we are facing in the present.

My own experience with Repatterning began in 1990 when I was a recent college graduate. Diagnosed with debilitating posttraumatic stress (PTSD), the State of Michigan considered it so severe that they declared me permanently disabled and waived all my student loans. It was two years into this challenging and rather desperate situation that I met Chloe Wordsworth and Resonance Repatterning (formerly called Holographic Repatterning.)

It made sense to me that our subconscious patterns, imprinted at the earliest times of our lifetime, are held as frequencies within us. These memories from our conception, prenatal life, birth, and early years settle into our intrinsic memory bank, forming the foundation of our beliefs, feelings, and responses to life. For instance, it’s common for the ultra-aware senses of the unborn and newly born babies to be callously dismissed, and for patterns of unmet needs to be passed on generationally. Such formative influences continually operate in the background of our present day lives, greatly (but invisibly) affecting our behavior and habits.

After about two months and a half dozen sessions, I found myself capably reuniting with my family, joyously making plans for the future, and successfully stepping out of my housebound cocoon into a high-intensity, national sales position that involved travel. Repatterning now includes over 100 processes to transform painful areas in your life with thousands of variations, an extensive book of modalities, and remarkable stories of change.

Using muscle checking, Resonance Repatterning identifies the patterns of non-coherence and directs the practitioner to those modalities that provide the exact frequencies that your system needs in order to bring it into coherence, harmony, and balance. A session is generally 45-60 minutes, where a themed conversation helps identify beliefs and feelings that may be playing an underlying role. After identifying the modality to shift the frequencies, such as a specific sound, movement, or breath, the statements are then rechecked to confirm their shift, and the session is complete. Most people feel relaxed and energized after a session.

One client’s story:

I was always reacting to everything around me—there would be a new issue, but it was the same old patterns. I was tense all the time, and sick of it! My chronic back pain had gotten to be just too much. One of my other health care providers suggested I see Beth, and I’ve had maybe six or eight Repattenings in the last year.

There have been big changes; I am different now in a very good way. I stand up for myself, and seem to be able to shift dynamics without being drawn into the family drama. I can even walk away, breathe, and take care of myself! It’s a really big deal that I just don’t even get involved.

I think it was because I was so tense, protecting myself from whatever, that I had the back pain. I’m not completely out of this pattern yet, but my body is different now. Since we put the tuning fork on my back, there has been zero pain. Usually my back would get tense and twitch, and now that is almost completely gone.

I feel more in control of my life, and I am not so worried about what will be thrown at me next. For instance, it’s been a HUGE turning point to be able to find the words for what I want, and be able to say them. Now, overall, when I am just walking through daily life, I am more cognizant of being tense and can take that step back.

We’ve broken the cycle of tenseness, and that stressful way of life. My mind is calming down, I’m much more relaxed. There has been a positive impact on my family, (my children) are relaxing too. Because my anxiety isn’t kicking in, they can sit in the same room with me open and relaxed. They are able to talk with me now, and feel safe having their own rough thoughts and speaking about themselves without shutting down. It’s crazy how it’s all connected.


In over 25 years of work as a practitioner, I’ve found repatterning to be safe and effective in a wide range of circumstances, including for groups or businesses, by parents for their children, for pets, and over the phone sessions. What change do you long for?

Beth Barbeau is a mom, traditional homebirth midwife, and Resonance Repatterner. She is also an instructor at the Naturopathic Institute of Therapies and Education in Mt. Pleasant in the Holistic Doula program. She also consults on Natural Family Health and Maternity care in Ann Arbor.

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