Honoring the writings of Rachel Urist


Honoring the writings of Rachel Urist.

Dear Crazy Wisdom Family,

It is with great sadness that we share with you the death of a great friend and writer for the Crazy Wisdom Journal, Rachel Urist. It is with our sincere appreciation for her wonderful writing that we share with you today some of our favorite articles published in the journal and written by her deft hand. We hope you will honor her life, and journalistic gift, by reading and sharing her words.

~The Crazy Wisdom Journal Staff

For more of Rachel’s writings visit these links:

People Dancing—Connecting Hearts through the Arts

Tantre Farm— Agricultural and Spiritual Bounty

Integrative Approaches—Dr. Amy Saunders Opens Up About Illness, Contemporary Medicine, and Her Transition to a Holistic Practice

The Spark that Started Blue Turtle Nature Program—An Ann Arbor Couple Integrates Their Interest in Kids, Nature Awareness, Wilderness Skills, and Breathwork.

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